When selecting materials for our products, we set high standards for ourselves in order to achieve the best possible quality.
Below you will find a small selection of the materials we use:

Metal fibres

copper | stainless steel | molybdenum | tungsten | resistance alloys

Synthetic fibres

polyester | polyethylene | polypropylene | PTFE

Natural fibres

cotton | wool | hemp

High modulus fibres

Carbonfaser | Glasfaser | UHMWPE | M-Aramid | P-Aramid


Thanks to our cross-sector knowledge in handling materials, we are the right partner when it comes to custom and application-specific solutions. Our think tank CCTT (CreativCenter für Technische Textilien) based in Munich, is constantly setting new trends and standards in terms of function, protection and mechanics. As a result of cooperation with established institutes and universities throughout Germany and in other European countries, TEC-KNIT plays a leading role in the field of innovative knitted fabrics – whether in the aerospace, industrial, medical, automotive, defence or lightweight design industries.

TEC-KNIT inspires

Diversity, that's what our knitted fabrics stand for


TEC-KNIT is producer of finest metal fabrics for deployable antenna surfaces